Partnership Grant

Applicants: Canadian small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), who are or will be, partnered with York faculty members

For those requiring assistance finding a partner, please contact Rachel Sung, Industry Engagement Coordinator, or Martin Goodyer, Industry Engagement Advisor,

Application Deadline for Unpartnered SMEs: September 6, 2019, 4pm EST

Full Application Deadline: October 4, 2019, 4pm EST

Funding Amount: Up to $12,000 per selected research project (no funding to industry partners).

Project Length: 2 to 4 months

Use of Funds: To execute industry-driven research projects in Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning. The funds can be used toward student stipends. Travel, living expenses and seminar costs are ineligible.


  • The industry partner must be a Canadian SME with up to 500 employees, capable of exploiting the results of the research.
  • The industry partner must be in business for a minimum of one year and have an assigned NRC IRAP industrial technology advisor (ITA)..
  • The research project must be jointly supervised by the faculty member and the industry partner, with the work being performed by Masters, PhD or PostDoc.

Intellectual Property

  • All background intellectual property belongs to the inventor/owner. As required by NRC IRAP, all intellectual property developed under this project belongs to the industry partner.


For these programs, we anticipate the impact for the company will be a combination of the following, depending on the individual project:

  • Proof of Concept or working prototype
  • Recommended Machine Learning models and algorithms
  • Assessment of company’s existing data set and recommended data strategy

The goal is to have projects funded under this program evolve into larger long-term research partnerships.