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Innovation York’s approach to research partnerships centres on two-way knowledge exchange throughout the research cycle, from concept to product release.

Work with us to accelerate new products and technologies while advancing your ideas in the marketplace.

We provide:

  • access to scientific, engineering, legal and business expertise to help regional SMEs grow to become globally competitive
  • one-point access and relationship brokering to connect you with all of York University’s Faculties, which are home to over 1,500 researchers and entrepreneurial faculty members
  • programs to place York University graduate students and interns within your organization
  • hotelling access to convergence laboratories with prototyping facilities and office space
  • access to meeting space for partners and clients, including training rooms, video-conferencing and demonstration space
  • a network of like-minded people and organizations working with similar foci to develop, test and refine new ideas and products
  • introductions to a team of complementary co-tenant organizations based in the Markham Convergence Centre building
  • diverse contacts and R&D opportunities at large multinational organizations, such as IBM and sanofi pasteur
  • access to business acceleration and industry-academic commercialization programs via York Region’s Regional Innovation Centre, including access to all of the Regional Innovation Centres in the Ontario Network of Excellence (ONE)

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